Google Ads Optimization Score

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Google Ads provides a score based on its estimate of how well your Google Ads account is set to perform, this is known as your optimization score. Optimization scores are available at the account level, manager account level, and campaign levels. This score is a percentage ranging from 0% to 100%, with 100% representing that […]

Back to Basics: Keyword Match Types

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In the next part of our back-to-basics series, we will be talking about Keyword Match Types. When setting up your advertising campaign in Google Ads and the keywords that will trigger your ad to be shown, these match types allow you to control how exact the searches performed have to be for Google to show […]

E-Commerce is Changing. What Do I Need to Know?

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Over the past year, we have all been encouraged to stay out of the stores, stay home, and stay safe. This has caused even more people to turn to shop from the comfort and safety of their homes, which grew an already increasing e-commerce market. Retailers who relied primarily on a brick and mortar business […]

Pinterest Ads

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As the e-commerce market becomes increasingly saturated, it’s vital you’re reaching potential customers in the places they already are, and you can reach new and unique audiences. As these businesses begin their advertising campaigns, the amount of competition on these marketing platforms increases.   Pinterest Ads is an advertising platform with lower competition than other platforms, […]

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