Google Ads Target CPA Bidding

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While setting up ad campaigns, Google provides a bidding strategy that allows bids to be automatically optimized and provides bids for each auction in real-time. This is known as Target CPA bidding. This bidding strategy is designed to achieve the highest number of conversions without going over the target Cost-per-Action (CPA) that has been set. […]

Back to Basics: Google Ads Audience Targeting

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Being able to get your ad in the right places and in front of the right people can be the difference between the failure or success of a campaign. That’s exactly why we need to touch on ad targeting in our back-to-basics series. One of the ad targeting strategies that you can use is audience […]

Back to Basics: Pricing Models

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In the next part of our back-to-basics series, we will be talking about the different types of pricing models for your advertising campaigns. This is the fourth article in our back-to-basics series. In parts one and two, we discussed PPC Metrics and in part three we discussed Keyword Match Types. What topics should we cover […]

Facebook Messenger Ads

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Instant messaging apps are increasing in popularity and are being more widely used. At the same time, other forms of communication, like phone calls and emails, are decreasing in popularity for their users. Facebook Messenger Ads allow a company the ability to reach out directly to their potential customers through their messages. Since this method […]