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Back to Basics: Google Ads Audience Targeting

Being able to get your ad in the right places and in front of the right people can be the difference between the failure or success of a campaign. That’s exactly why we need to touch on ad targeting in our back-to-basics series. One of the ad targeting strategies that you can use is audience targeting.

When using audience targeting, you can focus on which users you want to have your ads shown to. The different audience targeting options within Google Ads allow you to specify what your audience contains.

Previously in our back-to-basics series, we talked about PPC Metrics, Keyword Match Types, and Pricing Models. Those posts can be found here: PPC Metrics, More PPC Metrics, Keyword Match Types, and Pricing Models! What topics should we cover next?

Affinity Audiences

Using the interests of users, the affinity audience’s method can target users whose interests match your business. This means you can extend your reach by getting your ad in front of large groups of people who share a common interest.

Think of affinity audiences like the ads that are shown on cable TV. They are shown in front of a variety of people who share similar interests in places they already are.  

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Life Events

Using the major events that can occur in a potential customer’s life, you can use the life events methods to target users during that time with the correct ad. This means you can target potential customers at the right moments within the buying cycle to increase conversions. Examples of these life events include marriage, college, and moving.

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In-Market Audiences

When customers are actively looking into products or services that align with what you provide and are likely to purchase, the in-market audience’s method can target these customers to show your ad to. This method of targeting is especially beneficial for increasing conversions from customers who are likely to make a purchase.

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Custom Audiences

By entering in keywords, URLs, and apps, the custom audiences’ method will create an audience of potential customers who, based on browsing history, are likely interested in these keywords, videos, and apps. This audience will be focused on performance, consideration, or reach based on its interpretation of your campaign goals and bidding strategy.

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Remarketing allows you to target potential customers who have previously interacted with your business or website. These customers have already been introduced to your product or service and have shown interest; by using remarketing ads, you can remind customers of your brand to encourage conversions.

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Detailed Demographics

To reach audiences that share a common theme or trait, demographic targeting allows you to do so. However, when the theme or trait you wish to target covers a wider variety of people, using the detailed demographics’ method is most beneficial. Homeowners, new parents, and college students are examples of audiences that detailed demographics can target.

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Customer Match

Using the information that customers have already provided you, the custom match method can target these customers and those similar to them. The information used to create your audience can be obtained either online or offline, and can include name, phone number, address, and email address.

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Similar Audiences

Your current customer base can be used by the similar audience method to target customers they believe are similar. Google Ads uses the customers on your remarketing and customer match lists to create an audience to show ads to.

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To help get your ad in front of the correct audience, you want to make sure you are using the right targeting method for your campaign. Another targeting method is content targeting, which focuses on the content on a website or page. Keep a lookout for that in a future back-to-basics installment!

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