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Facebook Messenger Ads

Instant messaging apps are increasing in popularity and are being more widely used. At the same time, other forms of communication, like phone calls and emails, are decreasing in popularity for their users. Facebook Messenger Ads allow a company the ability to reach out directly to their potential customers through their messages.

Since this method of marketing is highly text-based, it is important that the content of your message is engaging and can attract the attention of the potential customers who are viewing it. Facebook Messenger Ads provide another platform to grow an audience and improve your business.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook is the most famous social network and tops the charts of social networks around the world, reaching 2.79 billion users globally, creating wide coverage compared to other advertising methods and platforms. Out of users in the United States, 73% log in on a daily basis. That number only increases when you look at users logging in on a weekly basis, jumping to 93%.

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Messenger ads allow for a personalized message to be sent out along with marketing, which is beneficial since replies can be sent instantaneously. Instant and automated responses aid in keeping customers engaged in the conversation. Since Facebook requires businesses to register as a business to post ads, this increases the security of Facebook Messenger Ads.

Content Included

Potential customers only click on the ad within their Facebook messages if there is a true benefit to them, and they see value in what is being provided. Using creative strategies to create interest and gain attention can grow your network and business.

Contained within the content of a Facebook Messenger ad, it’s important to include information about what they can receive from visiting your website and how they can get there. Questions that are more interactive and create engagement not only gain the attention of a potential customer, but can help maintain that attention.

Whatever the goal of your marketing campaign is, it should be included within the call-to-action portion of your ad. This way you can tell a customer what they are supposed to do next and you can encourage behavior matching those goals.

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You can’t always be there to make sure a potential customer gets to the next step, that’s why it’s important your ad does it for you.

Content that is more unique and personalized generally gets more attention than content that is generic. This is why it’s important to use content in your ad that addresses a potential customer directly and creates a natural conversation. By focusing on creating a natural conversation, you can determine what their interests are to best target them, instead of starting the conversation with a specific product or service.

Suggested replies can be set up as automated bot responses to encourage conversation. The responses that are provided can encourage customers to make a decision and look into a product or service further. A variety of responses can be set to provide a more personalized conversation.

Local Markets

Facebook Messenger ads allow for the targeting of specific local groups of people or for ads to target a larger global market. Certain products and services are more likely to be purchased in person, making targeting a local audience beneficial for a company.

Facebook can determine the distance between its user’s location and the location of a business to target nearby local users. Local targeting can increase brand awareness along with conversion rates.

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Response Rates

Automated responses allow potential customers to receive a response in a timely fashion, instead of needing to wait around for a response. Even with having automated responses set up, it’s important that there is still a focus on customer service and furthering the conversation. In general, faster response rates correlate with an increase in conversion rates. Providing additional content, like events that are taking place and news, keeps a conversation going and can increase the retention rate.

Messenger Campaign Objectives

Within the Facebook Ads Manager, eleven objectives are presented to businesses that they can choose to match the goals of the ad campaign they are setting up.


Brand Awareness

Used when the goal is increasing the amount of recognition potential customers have in a brand or company.


Used when the goal is to increase the number of potential customers who are being exposed to your ad campaign.



Used when the goal is to increase the number of potential customers who receive a Messenger ad conversation or are driven to visit your website.


Used when the goal is to encourage potential customers who view your Messenger ad campaign to engage with it.

App Installs

Used when the goal is to reach potential customers and encourage downloading/installing your app or visiting the app if it has been previously installed.

Video Views

Used when the goal is to increase the number of views a video ad receives from potential customers.

Lead Generation

Used when the goal is to increase leads that are taken from potential customers, completing forms containing contact information that can be followed upon.


Used when the goal is to encourage potential customers to start a conversation with your business through ads that can be clicked on to open a new message.



Used when the goal is to drive potential customers to perform a set action, like completing a sale or viewing a website.

Product Catalog Sales

Used when the goal is to showcase a group of products through advertisements. Typically, these product catalogs contain information like the description, image, and a landing page URL.

Store Visits

Used when the goal is to increase the number of potential customers who are visiting physical stores and increasing store sales.

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