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Pinterest Ads

As the e-commerce market becomes increasingly saturated, it’s vital you’re reaching potential customers in the places they already are, and you can reach new and unique audiences. As these businesses begin their advertising campaigns, the amount of competition on these marketing platforms increases.  

Pinterest Ads is an advertising platform with lower competition than other platforms, but that doesn’t mean it only reaches a limited audience. Over 450 million users are active on Pinterest each month and out of their total users, 85% have made a purchase based on a brands Pins. Potential customers are on Pinterest actively searching for new ideas, making it the perfect time to get your brand or service in front of them.

Where Are Pinterest Ads Shown?

Pinterest is designed so that users can pin posts to boards they can create, which can be revisited at a later date. These pins are typically image-based, but can also include video content. Pinterest accounts and boards are similar to Facebook pages, but instead of a focus on posts and updates, the focus is on imagery and product content. Businesses can create Pinterest Boards where custom content can be added that contains a URL to drive traffic to their website and increase brand awareness.

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While browsing Pins, users can view your ad among the related Pins. Searching specific keywords and phrases will show your ad to users between other Pins in the search results. A user is also able to see ads while browsing their friend’s Pins and their recommended Pins on the home feed.

Campaign Objectives

The campaign objective that is selected determines what ad formats are available for promotion and how you are bidding in the ad auction. The goals set for your business and campaign should reflect the chosen campaign objective.    

Brand Awareness

  • Helps potential customers discover your brand, products, and services.
  • A maximum Cost per Thousand or Cost per Mille (CPM) bid is set, this is the max amount you’re willing to pay per thousand impressions.

Video View

  • Campaigns are optimized for views, average watch time, and completion rates for users likely to view your video.
  • A maximum Cost per View (CPV) bid is set, this is the max amount you’re willing to pay for each video view.
  • Views are counted after two or more seconds of a video is watched.
Phone open with Pinterest feed including a video ad


  • Helps drive clicks on your ads and increase traffic to your website.
  • A maximum Cost per Click (CPC) bid can be custom set or can be automatically managed by Pinterest.


  • Drives website actions to occur, like a sign-up form being completed or a purchase being made.
  • Pinterest can automatically manage bids or a target average Cost per Action (CPA) bid can be set, which is the amount you’re willing to pay for each time your website is visited from an ad being clicked.

Catalog Sales

  • Allows products and services to be discovered by users while browsing Pinterest.
  • An oCPM bid can be set, which is the optimized maximum that you’re willing to pay for every thousand impressions of an ad. A target CPA is set up with this bid as well.
  • Instead of setting an oCPM bid, a maximum CPC bid can be set up.

Targeting Options

With each ad group created on Pinterest, targeting options can be selected to best reach potential customers that are interested in your brand or product. These options can be used alone or combined to create a custom audience that you wish to specifically target.          


  • Using customers who have shown previous interest in your brand or products, a custom audience can be created.
  • This includes those who have previously made purchases, visited your website, or interacted with your Pinterest.

 Actalike Audience

  • Reach new potential customers that share similar interests as your current audience or customers.


  • Reach new potential customers by targeting interests that are similar to your ad.
Laptop open to Pinterest

Pinterest “More ideas for you”. While viewing Pins related to your interests, ads appear among these posts.


  • Choose keywords and phrases that are to be included or excluded when targeting users searching Pinterest.


  • Define the targeted audience through demographic information like gender, device type, age, location, and language.
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  • Setting where ads are to be shown on Pinterest.
  • This includes the home feed, related pins, and search results.


  • Automatically target ads to users searching for keywords or interests that are similar to what has been selected.

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