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Why Your E-Commerce Business Can’t Ignore SEO

Even though the e-commerce market is large already, it continues to grow without a sign of stopping or even slowing down. Not only is it easy for a business owner to begin making sales on the e-commerce market, but it creates a quick and convenient method for customers to shop.

As the e-commerce market keeps growing in size, it’s also becoming more and more saturated. This means that a business that fails to invest in its e-commerce and digital marketing can end up falling behind a competitor who does. In the current market, these investments are necessary to take into account.

What Are the Benefits?

With the increase in e-commerce businesses, it has become easier for customers to find competing businesses that are able to provide products that are similar or even identical to what you are offering. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows businesses to compete for the attention of these possible customers, increase visibility, and grow trust through organic search results.

As opposed to the attention and walk-in customers that brick and mortar locations can attract, e-commerce businesses need to get their attention and customers through the online presence they have created. SEO can allow a business to secure its online presence within the search engine results page.

While using their favorite search engine, users tend to trust the results that are shown organically over paid search results or paid advertisements. Scammers are able to use this highly saturated market to try and blend in with legitimate e-commerce businesses. A result that ranks high organically provides users with a sense of trust they can’t get with other forms of marketing since the ranking is based on its keywords and content instead of a dollar amount.

Search engine optimization doesn’t always show off an immediate return but can bring in traffic over the long term. For a more immediate result, paid advertising can be beneficial, but because of the costs that come along with it on a recurring basis, it’s not always a viable option for a business. When SEO is done correctly, it can result in increased traffic over a longer period of time all at a lower cost than paid ads.

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Ways to Improve SEO

When a search is made within Google or other search engines it isn’t often that users are looking past the first or maybe the second page of the search results. Tailoring your business’s website for best SEO practices can prevent your website from falling into the pages of results that are often ignored.

With SEO being ideal for long-term traffic and attention, it’s important to focus on the web pages that will provide the most benefit. This includes web pages that will remain on your website for an extended period of time or permanently. Webpages that tend to change frequently or are not permanent pages, like pages for individual products, won’t see the same benefit as the permanent pages since products can sell out, be updated, or discontinued. Search engines are able to analyze the content that’s contained within a website and its web pages to determine where it will rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Because of this, it’s important that web pages, especially any category pages, contain content that’s unique and relevant.

Choosing the wrong keywords to focus on can lead to an unexpected result or doesn’t provide positive growth. Selecting the right keywords can take research and analytics but can provide the most growth within the search result rankings. Larger companies and major retailers can dominate the more simple and basic keywords, while the more specific keywords tend to have less competition and can allow companies to target these keywords to see higher search result rankings.

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An example of this would be terms like “Recipes” and “Dinner Ideas” these are simpler terms that cover a larger range of topics. These keywords will typically show you websites like The Food Network and All Recipes on the first page of the SERP.

The use of a blog on your website is a great way to add new and fresh content to your website on a regular basis. When these blogs contain information that’s relevant and interesting to users, it tells the search engine that your website is currently active and useful. This is important for SEO and can show a higher-ranking result than those without this additional content.

Focusing on your e-commerce market may have been something you could once ignore, but as competition increases it has become a requirement for business.

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