What is Conversion Tracking?

Metal interlocked gears, text What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking allows a business the chance to determine what happens after an ad is interacted with. Any of those actions, like purchasing a product or submitting a contact form, are considered conversions and can be done from within a Google Ads account. Depending on the needs or goals of a business, specific actions can […]

Using Business Goals to Determine Your Google Ads Bidding Strategy

Hands up in air, text Using BusinessGoals To Determine Your Google Ads Bidding Strategy

The goal for your marketing or advertising campaign can be used to determine the Google Ads bidding strategy that would work best to achieve that goal. Different bidding strategies can be utilized to produce the best results and increase the overall return on investment. Advertising Campaign Goals Encourage Actions to Occur on Website When the […]

The Basics of Google Ads

Google search being done on laptop, hands typing, text The Basics of Google Ads

Possible customers are already using Google for search inquiries daily, where your ad is shown within that ranking can influence new customers, conversions, and ultimately sales. Google Ads allows for your ad to be shown at the top of their search results in places possible customers already are. What Google Ads Are and Where to […]