Facebook Messenger Ads

Phone showing Facebook Messenger

Instant messaging apps are increasing in popularity and are being more widely used. At the same time, other forms of communication, like phone calls and emails, are decreasing in popularity for their users. Facebook Messenger Ads allow a company the ability to reach out directly to their potential customers through their messages. Since this method […]

E-Commerce is Changing. What Do I Need to Know?

Phone showing shopping for sweatshirt

Over the past year, we have all been encouraged to stay out of the stores, stay home, and stay safe. This has caused even more people to turn to shop from the comfort and safety of their homes, which grew an already increasing e-commerce market. Retailers who relied primarily on a brick and mortar business […]

Why Do We Click on Ads?

Times Square with text Why do we click on ads?

Often when we are searching the Internet we are on a hunt, we are on a mission and looking for something particular. Ads must convince us it is worth our attention and attract us enough that we are willing to take a detour to see what it’s all about. According to Psychology Today, it takes […]