PPC Sales Growth for CS|GO Live

For many online based companies running a successful PPC campaign that generates sales can be a real challenge. Most hire a video game PPC management specialist to help!

This was why a major online video game site came to us. Our PPC management experts have helped take their PPC marketing from strength to strength find out how.

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The Challenge

Bawol PPC took over management for this site’s PPC in the last quarter 2016. The challenge was to improve on 4 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), improve gross profit, conversion rate, total sales and click thru rates.

This bottom line figure is the most important. Client wished to see a much better return on their investment to improve their profits.

In a competitive game market, we needed to stand out from the competition to improve the volume of clicks through to the website.

We needed to increase the volume of conversions (sales/deposits)

Summary of Results

Our PPC management achieved some outstanding results, improving on all 4 KPI’s. Here are some of the results

+ 0 %

Conversion Rate Increase

The conversion rate has increased by 151% month to month and continues to climb.

+ 0 %

Total Sales Value Increase:

After implementation of the new strategy, Total sales value has increased by 263%

+ 0 %

Click through rate Increase

Through creative ad copy optimization, click through rates increased by 41%

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