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PPC Sales Growth for CS|GO Live

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Example display ad PPC

For many online based companies running a successful PPC campaign that generates sales can be a real challenge. Most hire a video game PPC management specialist to help!

This was why a major online video game site came to us. Our PPC management experts have helped take their PPC marketing from strength to strength find out how.

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The Challenge

Bawol PPC took over management for this site’s PPC in the last quarter 2016.
The challenge was to improve on 4 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), improve gross profit, conversion rate, total sales and click thru rates.

  • Improve profits – This bottom line figure is the most important. Client wished to see a much better return on their investment to improve their profits.
  • Improve Click through rate – In a competitive game market, we needed to stand out from the competition to improve the volume of clicks through to the website.
  • Increase Conversion rate – We needed to increase the volume of conversions (sales/deposits)

The Solution

We carried out the following steps:

  • In depth keyword research analysis, working closely with the client to understand their business, USP’s and key products.
  • Restructuring of the account, implementation of new Ad groups, campaigns and keywords
  • Bid optimization for both long tailed and broad match keywords to grow revenue while boosting brand awareness in the marketplace
  • Consultancy and content suggestions to improve website landing pages in order to grow conversion potential and keyword quality scores
  • Testing and ongoing improvement to ad copy to encourage high click through rates and improved conversion rate
  • Creating creative ad copy to encourage a significant increase in click through rates
  • Use of negative keywords to remove “wasted clicks” and make better use of available AdWords budget
PPC Management Case Study

The Results

Our PPC management achieved some outstanding results, improving on all 4 KPI’s. Here are some of the results

PPC Management Results

Conversion Rate Increase:
The conversion rate has increased by 151% month to month and continues to climb.

Total Sales Value Increase:
After implementation of the new strategy, Total sales value has increased by 263%

Click through rate Increase
Through creative ad copy optimization, click through rates increased by 41%

This is one of many PPC clients that we have helped to increase their conversions. We are passionate about helping our clients to grow their online business.

Do you need effective PPC management that will increase your online business?