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Only three months ago we started Upgrade CS|GO’s managed video game PPC campaigns. The client, Upgrade CS|GO, is a leading online video game site. The overall goal of the video game PPC campaign is to increase leads, drive conversions, and sky rocket the revenue of the site.

Example of In-Stream Video Ad:

+ 0 %


The number of sales between the first month’s work and the third month’s work has increased by 49% as shown below.

+ 2 %

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate between when we started work and the last month has increased by 2% as shown below.

+ 0 %

Total Revenue

The revenue gained from PPC campaigns for Upgrade CS|GOhas increased by 68% over a three-month period as shown below.

+ 2 %

Gross Profit

Gross profit from the Upgrade CS|GO’s PPC campaign has increased by 71% between our first month’s work to our third month’s work as shown below.

Summary of Results

Just three months of our PPC management service has seenUpgrade CS|GO’s PPC campaigns improve by…

+ 0 %

More Sales

+ 0 %

Increase in the revenue from PPC

+ 0 %

increase in gross profit

+ 0 %

All with just a 2% increase in the conversion rate

Profit with Pay-Per-Click Ads

Showing that the PPC traffic is now highly relevant, bringing in relevant customers who spend more attracted by the better quality PPC ads.

What’s Next? As with all of our work, we never stop improving. What is next is for the PPC management for Upgrade CS|GOis to simply look at improving all of the KPIs as shown in this article and more. Further optimization of the PPC campaigns will continue to happen, as will introducing more and more ad groups and campaigns to help widen the reach of their PPC ads.

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